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06:57:30 pm

LIVE! Coverage from the Haldane vs. Shelter Island game!

PRE-GAME NOTES: Haldane (17-2) will have the most comfortable feeling of home court advantage, playing at a familiar site in Fox Lane H.S. against their Section 11 counterparts, Shelter Island (13-0). I'm really excited to see the Blue Devils in action, they are a team I've been waiting to see all year. Lauren Etta is an easy Player of the Year contender, and Dana Solit and Kelsey Flaherty are excellent alternate weapons for coach Melissa Rosanno. Haldane appears to be the favorite this afternoon, ranking 35th in the State according to MaxPreps, in addition to the site advantage. Shelter Island is currently ranked 108th in the State, despite having not lost a set all year. Overall, the Indians are 18-3, but tournament play does not count. They have some big girls who can really hit the hell out of the ball. With today being 11/11/11, it's bound to be somebody's lucky day. Go Blue Devils!

Starting lineup for Haldane:
#4 Kelsey Flaherty
#7 Dana Solit (C)
#9 Katie Cunnigham
#13 Gabby Carnabuci (L)
#15 Becky Garrison
#16 Kelly Vahos
#17 Lauren Etta (C)

First set (point-by-point): start time 2:05 p.m.
SI serves first, Haldane kill. 1-0
Haldane over on serve. 1-1
LONG rally, nice SI kill in back left corner. 2-1 SI
SI point. 3-1.
SI into the net. 3-2.
SI point. 4-2.
SI four touches. 4-3.
SI point. 5-3.
SI over on serve. 5-4.
SI out of bounds. Tied 5-5.
Haldane over on serve. 6-5.
Haldane player hits the net. 7-5.
Haldane point. 7-6.
Haldane kill. Tied 7-7.
Haldane kill. 8-7.
SI player hits the net. 9-7.
Haldane kill. 10-7.
Shelter Island timeout. Haldane leads 10-7.
SI over on kill attempt. 11-7.
SI point. 11-8.
Haldane four touches. 11-9.
Haldane misses kill attempt. 11-10.
SI hits into the net. 12-10.
SI hits into the net. 13-10.
SI over on kill attempt. 14-10.
Haldane ace! 15-10.
Haldane over on serve. 15-11.
Haldane kill to right side. 16-11.
SI point. 16-12.
SI lob kill to left side. 16-13.
SI over on serve. 17-13.
Haldane kill. 18-13.
Haldane ace! 19-13.
Haldane double-touch. 19-14.
Haldane kill. 20-14.
Haldane over on serve. 20-15.
Haldane kill in back left corner. 21-15.
SI big kill in the middle. 21-16.
Haldane point. 22-16. 
SI kill in front. 22-17.
Haldane four touches. 22-18. 
SI kill in back right corner. 22-19. 
Haldane timeout. Haldane leads 22-19. (Shelter has won the last three points)
Massive Haldane kill in front. 23-19.
SI over on kill attempt. 24-19.
Shelter Island timeout. Haldane leads 24-19. (Haldane has regained momentum)
Haldane ace on the left sideline! 25-19.
Haldane wins the first set 25-19. Haldane leads the match 1-0!

GAME NOTES: Haldane looks very, very good. They communicate very well to each other and are very smart about their kill selection. They are not a team to pound the ball down your throat, rather look to see if a pop shot over the net will do the job rather than a line-drive spike. Haldane has good momentum going into the second set. Great timeout called by coach Rosanno near the end. Haldane should win this match 3-1, if not by shutout. Just have to keep up the work their doing! I'm trying to save posts after each timeout or down time.

Second set point-by-point: start time 2:30 p.m.
Haldane serves first, Haldane ace! 1-0.
Haldane kill. 2-0.
SI point overturned to Haldane. 3-0.
SI kill. 3-1.
SI kill. 3-2.
Haldane point on a nice rally. 4-2.
SI hits the foul pole. 5-2.
Haldane over on kill attempt. 5-3.
Haldane bad set. 5-4.
SI over on serve. 6-4.
Haldane bad set. 6-5.
SI out on serve. 7-5.
Haldane over on serve. 7-6.
SI double touch. 8-6.
SI block, kill. 8-7.
Haldane kill. 9-7.
Haldane pass over the net for kill. 10-7.
Haldane four touches. 10-8.
Haldane point. 11-8.
SI point. 11-9.
SI point. 11-10.
Haldane point. 12-10.
Haldane point. 13-10.
Haldane hits net on serve. 13-11.
SI block, kill. 13-12.
SI ace! Tied 13-13.
Haldane point. 14-13.
Haldane hits into the net. Tied 14-14.
(Lost Internet connection - Shelter Island took their first lead of the game at 18-17. The game went back-and-forth until I regained a connection).
SI point. Haldane leads 20-19.
Haldane over on kill attempt. Tied 20-20.
Haldane point. 21-20.
Haldane point. 22-20.
Haldane over on serve. 22-21.
Haldane big kill in the middle. 23-21.
SI point. 23-22.
Haldane kill. 24-22.
SI point. 24-23.
SI over on kill attempt. 25-23.
Haldane wins second set 25-23. Haldane leads the match 2-0.

GAME NOTES: Shelter Island seems to have shaken off their jitters from the long road trip and are starting to gel as a team. Their fans are incredibly supportive, virtually deafening the Haldane fans. No matter, Haldane is doing just fine on the court; with or without a loud crowd.

Third set point-by-point: start time 2:55 p.m.
Shelter Island serves first, Haldane over on kill attempt. SI leads 1-0.
SI over on kill attempt. Tied 1-1.
SI no-look kill. 2-1.
SI block, kill. 3-1.
Haldane kill. 3-2.
Big SI kill to left side. 4-2.
SI block, kill. 5-2.
SI serves into the net. 5-3.
SI kill. 6-3. (#6 is doing real damage for the Indians)
Haldane point. 6-4.
Haldane point. 6-5.
Haldane over on kill attempt. 7-5.
Haldane point. 7-6.
Haldane point. Tied 7-7.
Haldane serves into the net. SI leads 8-7.
SI double touch. Tied 8-8.
Haldane point. Haldane leads 9-8 (First Haldane lead of the game)
Shelter Island timeout. Haldane leads 9-8.
Haldane point. 10-8.
Haldane barely out on left sideline. 10-9.
Haldane lob kill. 11-9.
Haldane serves into the net. 11-10.
Haldane over on kill attempt. Tied 11-11.
Haldane big kill. Lead 12-11. (Garrison big save for Haldane, then had the assist).
Haldane out on serve. Tied 12-12.
SI double touch. Haldane leads 13-12.
SI kill. Tied 13-13.
Haldane point. Lead 14-13.
Haldane "out". Tied 14-14. (Looked in; questionable call)
Haldane massive kill. Lead 15-14.
Haldane four touches. Tied 15-15.
SI hits into the net. Haldane leads 16-15.
Haldane ace! 17-15.
SI point off nice rally. 17-16.
SI serves into the net. 18-16.
Haldane ace! 19-16. (SI needs a timeout bad!)
SI kill 19-17. (#6 definitely stands out for SI)
Haldane point. 20-17.
Haldane ace! 21-17.
Shelter Island timeout. Haldane leads 21-17. (Too little, too late for SI)
SI kill. 21-18.
Haldane kill. 22-18. (Rolling with momentum)
SI on the left sideline. 22-19.
Haldane kill. 23-19.
Haldane misses kill attempt. 23-20.
Haldane point on long rally. 24-20.
GAME POINT HALDANE 24-20. (Fans on their feet!)
Haldane ace! 25-20.
Haldane wins 25-20. Haldane wins the match 3-0!


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